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Heading South for the Winter

As the winter months settle in and the bustle of the holidays are over, it becomes a time of reflexion, contemplation and resolutions. If saving money happens to be one of them, the month of January is a great time to come visit us. All of January we will be featuring wines of the Southern Hemisphere starting with South America.

Tannat from Uruguay, Malbec from Argentina, and Carmenere from Chile are three distinctive South American wine varietals that have gained international acclaim, lets not forget the exciting bright white wines. These wines offer exceptional value, with many budget-friendly options delivering remarkable quality. Tannat, Uruguay's flagship grape, produces robust red wines with bold tannins and deep flavors, offering a unique and memorable experience. Argentina's Malbec is celebrated for its velvety texture, rich dark fruit flavors, and subtle earthiness, making it a versatile and accessible choice for wine enthusiasts. Chile's Carmenere, often referred to as the "lost grape of Bordeaux," boasts a smooth and spicy profile, with notes of black fruit and a distinctive herbal character. The value proposition of South American wines lies not only in their affordability but also in consistent high quality. The full bodied reds of South America have the texture and tannins that a cold winter day desires and the crisp whites are versatile daily wines. Starting Friday January 5th these wines will be available to taste and order by the glass or bottle.

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