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Old Wine Bottles With Wax tops

Premium Wine Clubs

Dani's Monthly Picks: Selection of 3 bottles at 40% off. Not to exceed $140 per month. Release last weekend of every month.

Curator's Select Quarterly: Selection of 6 bottles at 40% off. Not to exceed $275 per quarter.  Release the first weekends of February, May, August and November. 

 The Grande Dame: Full case selection twice a year at 40% off, for the discerning oenophile that is looking to diversify and fill their cellars with premium wines. Release will be the first weekend of June and December. Not to exceed $850 per allotment.

The Diamond Club: All things that sparkle! This bubble club will be three times a year, released the first weekend of April, August and December with a selection of 6 Sparkling wines at 40% off retail. Never to exceed $350 per allotment.


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