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Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!

Champagne and sparkling wines are effervescent elixirs that add a touch of celebration to any occasion. Born in the renowned Champagne region of France, true Champagne is crafted using the traditional method, where secondary fermentation occurs in the bottle, creating those iconic bubbles. This meticulous process imparts a unique character characterized by fine bubbles, complex aromas, and a lively effervescence. However, beyond Champagne, sparkling wines from various regions around the world offer diverse expressions of this festive libation. From the crisp Proseccos of Italy to the rich and toasty Cavas of Spain, each sparkling wine brings its own charm to the table. Let's not forget about Cremant de Alsace and Cremant de Loire! Heaven in a glass. Whether it's a grand celebration or a casual gathering, the effervescence of these wines adds a sense of glamour and joy to every sip, making them a perennial favorite for toasting life's special moments.

This weekend we will be doing a line up of sparkling wines and Champagne. Friday evening Bobby Barnet will be joining me to pour some his favorites from his very own portfolio of Strade Bianche Imports. Sparkling wines such as Nicola Gatta from the Lombardia region of Italy as well as De Sousa Champagne Traditional Brut.

It is also pick-up weekend for our Diamond Club members. This is a club dedicated to bubbles only. A package of sparkling wines and Champagnes three times a year. So, if you love bubbles as much as I do, join the Diamond Club and keep the sparkles coming all year long!

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