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Let's Explore South Africa

South African wines have gained international recognition for their unique flavors and exceptional quality and this weekend you can taste them right here in Hood River, OR. Three standout South African wines that have made a mark on the global wine scene, yet lightly distributed are the Longridge Chenin Blanc, Painted Wolf Pinotage, and Zumusha wines. These rare wines exemplify the diversity and richness of South Africa's wine-producing regions. Longridge Chenin Blanc is a testament to South Africa's mastery of the Chenin Blanc grape. Grown in the picturesque Stellenbosch region, this white wine offers a delightful combination of crisp acidity and tropical fruit notes. It is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a well-balanced, refreshing white wine. The Longridge Chenin Blanc showcases the elegance and sophistication that South African winemakers bring to their craft. Painted Wolf Pinotage is a unique and distinctive wine, as Pinotage is a grape variety indigenous to South Africa, a hybrid of Pinot Noir and Cinsault. This red wine exhibits bold flavors and rich, dark berry notes with a hint of spiciness, toastiness and earth. The Painted Wolf Pinotage has gained a loyal following among wine enthusiasts who appreciate the complexity and character that South African wines can offer. Started in 2006, Emma and Jeremy Borg have two passions, wine and conservation. Named after their love for the wild dogs of Africa, part of all proceeds go towards efforts to protect these 'Painted Wolves' of South Africa.

Zumusha wines represent a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in the South African wine industry. Meaning 'roots', this story is an inspiration, a story of grit, perserverance, hope and passion. Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Tinashe, found his way to S.A. when he was very young, in a crammed hot car of a train, he risked his life so his family would not starve. His very humble beginings led him to a world of polishing silverware in a restaurant, to the life of a sommelier, to a glorious winemaker. His story can be watched in documentary 'Blind Ambition' which can be found on You Tube and Netfilx. Kumusha wines are produced by a collective of small-scale farmers and winemakers who work together to produce high-quality wines while supporting their local communities. Zumusha wines serve as a reminder of the positive impact that the wine industry can have on the people and the environment in South Africa.

South African wines, such as Longridge Chenin Blanc, Painted Wolf Pinotage, and Zumusha wines, offer a diverse range of flavors and styles that appeal to wine lovers around the world. These wines reflect the rich history and innovation of the South African wine industry, making them a must-try for anyone looking to explore the unique terroirs and passionate winemaking that South Africa has to offer.


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