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Let's fly to South Africa!

Vitis vinifera was first planted in South Africa by the Dutchman Jan van Riebeeck in 1655. The first wine farms, in which the French Huguenots participated – were land grants given by another Dutchman, Simon Van der Stel. He also established (for himself) the Constantia estate. The Constantia wine later became one of the most celebrated wines in the world. The decline of the South African wine industry in the late 1800’s was caused by the combination of natural disasters (mildew, phylloxera) and the consequences of wars and political events in Europe. Despite the reorganization imposed by the KWV cooperative, recovery was slow because of the embargo against the Apartheid regime. Since the 1990s, a large number of new wineries – often, small family operations – have been created. South African wines are now available in many markets. Some of these wines can compete with the best in the world. -Stefan E. Streicher Texas Tech University on History of South African Wine

This weekend we will be discovering the niche of South African wine, from Chenin Blanc to the unique varietal of Pinotage and even French classics planted in the renowned and yet still growing South African landscape. Viticulture in South Africa continues to thrive, particularly in regions like Stellenbosch and the Western Cape, known for it's unique terroir and innovative winemaking techniques. The Erasmus family settled in The Cape in 1693 and were granted land by Govenor Adriaan. As the land perservered through phylloxera, wars, and tumultuous political climates, viticulture started to thrive in South Africa much later. In the 1920's, Stellenbosch University implemented a viticulture program headed by creator of Pinotage, Abraham Perold. As viticulture started booming in the 1990's, in efforts towards the Fairtrade Initiative, Cape Wine Company was founded by Erlank Erasmus in 2010. These wines became a standout in the industry and still offer a diverse range of wines today.

We will be featuring some of these exquisite wines this weekend, inviting enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a rich, sensory wine experience. Join us as we explore and savor the vibrant tastes of a region reminiscent of The Garden of Eden. We will taste wines such as Boschkloof Kottabos Grenache/Syrah, Nieuwe Haarlem Pinotage, Erasmus Grenache and Frank Chenin Blanc. We can't wait to travel with you! -Dani

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